Clara Bow looking disheveled

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Clara Bow looking dishevelled

Sneaking around the LiveJournal, I stumbled upon this lovely looking photo of a very disheveled looking Clara Bow, the It girl of the 1920’s. While the post involved says she was trying to be a scorching seductress, I prefer to think of her as a little goofy on something, being photographed candidly. The post-romp hairdo, that crooked little grin, and the upwardly raised eyes all convey a humour and immediacy that you just can’t fake. However, it should be remembered that Miss Bow was amazingly adept at the art of pantomime; it is, of course, the quality that brought her such success in the age of silent film. Such a beautiful girl, such a strong actress. It’d be amazing to see what she could do nowadays.

Miss Bow attempts the role of a scorching seductress
, via livejournal


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