The Antikamnia Medical Company

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In the 1890’s, the Antikamnia (opposed to pain) Medical Company used a series of amusing skeletal cartoons to advertise their wares. These cartoons were drawn by Louis Crucius, a pharmacist, doctor, and Professor of Anatomy, who started drawing them while working at a pharmacy in his school years. The AntiKamnia company produced medicines containing acetanilid, an anti-fever drug with pain relieving properties. It was later found to be both toxic and addictive. Apparently it was often mixed with codeine, to increase it’s pain-relieving effects. Nothing keeps your customers like making your medicines physically addictive! Anyhow, they used Dr. Crucius’ little skele-men in calendars from 1897 through 1901. The fellow pictured above is my favourite so far; I love the way the officer is stroking his goatee. If you like the style (and how could you not?) BibliOdyssey has many more, as well as a more detailed history, and links for further reading.

The Antikamnia Chemical Company [BibliOdyssey]


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