Science Needs Your Help!

Posted by frankie23

One of my favourite neuroscience bloggers, Miss Shelley Batts, is currently one of twenty individuals competing for a $10,000 Student Blogger Scholarship. Now, I think this girl is hella smart, and is working her way toward a PhD which will inevitably help all of mankind, so I’d like to see her win. What does this have to do with you, and why aren’t I wearing any pants, you might ask? Two good questions! Unfortunately for you, I can only answer one of them! To win the scholarship, Shelly needs VOTES. So, follow the linky-poo, and vote for Shelly Batts. She’s currently in second place, so your vote will make a difference, unlike in your typical government election. What are you waiting for!

Vote for Shelly right here! Science will thank you!

Shelly Needs Help! [RetroSpectacle]


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