Brit-Brit’s Cha-Cha

Posted by frankie23


Oh, Britney, is there anyone in the Western World who hasn’t seen your nasty little cooter? For someone who claims she just wants privacy, she’s had a hard time doing the things she needs to ensure that privacy, like say, wearing underwear. Anyways, as with all precious moments, Brit’s Box has been converted into collectible form, to be placed on your grandmother’s knick-knack shelf between the frowning child on the toilet and the little girl in the too-large gumboots and oversized yellow umbrella. Titled, “OOPS SHE DID IT AGAIN”, in all caps, no less, this charming little piece of art is available at a very-reasonable $39.95 USD. Click here to see the uncensored version, and while you’re at it, check out their spectacular piece called “Baby Drop”, which enshrines Michael Jackson’s inability to do anything right when it comes to children. Order both, save on shipping (and never speak to me again please)!

Britney Spears Shows Off Her Plastic Hot Pocket [Gizmodo]


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