For Her, I Could Be… A Hero

Posted by frankie23


What a sweet tattoo, eh? Nothing like great comic book tattoos on cute young ladies, no indeed.


6 Responses to “For Her, I Could Be… A Hero”

  1. Seraph Says:

    awww, you totally made my night!

  2. Seraph Says:

    there was a less-than-three heart there, all for you. but I forgot that HTML could eat it.

  3. Elysium Says:

    That’s beyond awesome!!

  4. Mediavictim Says:

    I *LOVE* the Maxx – I had the original Image Comics, then the MTV animated series came out I almost immediately bought the series (still have the VHS)

    I tried finding the rest of the series (beyond issue 9/ last episode of the original series) appearently there are 31 issues – However I stopped collecting comics in 96 when I had to do an emergency move and liquidate my entire comic collection for cash I never received.

    One of the best animated cartoons ever – just dont watch it in one sitting as it is sooooo well done its depressing as hell.

  5. Mya Says:

    thats so fucking awesome! I was just reading maxx tonight….ugh thats so COOL!

  6. Tom H Says:

    The Maxx? sweet, Havn’t seen that in a while.