Small, light, take a little break

Posted by frankie23


Merry Christmas, my little chillalies! I hope everyone’s gotten all their nasty consumerist shopping out of the way! Santa Frankie has been sick in bed with the plague for the last little while, but he’s not forgotten you all, no indeed. For your holiday treat, I present to you something that cannot be beat; a Flickr gallery filled with pictures of whacky Japanese Kit Kat bars! With flavours from stripey Banana to Cherry Blossom, and at least half a dozen variations on the theme of Mango, your sweet tooth is sure to be tempted by these import snackables. Enjoy!

KitKats of the World [Flickr, via Japanator]


One Response to “Small, light, take a little break”

  1. Seraph Says:

    I had no idea there were so many! Reminds me of all the Pocky flavours.