Hellboy PSA: The Funniest 20 Seconds You’ll See Today

Posted by frankie23

Bwah-hah-hah! Oh, goodness, I just want them to give Ron Perlman a talk show where he interviews people in-character as Hellboy. It would make me the happiest camper on the face of the planet. I know The Dark night is getting lots of kudos for its viral campaign, but I’m really enjoying Hellboy’s more. Bonus video after the jump – Inside The Actor’s Studio, with Hellboy!


3 Responses to “Hellboy PSA: The Funniest 20 Seconds You’ll See Today”

  1. Kali Says:

    Kitteh! Kitteh!

  2. Starchy Says:

    That is delightful. I am really looking forward to Neat-monster-design-fest-boy II.

  3. Scuba Says:

    It took me a long time to see the first Hellboy. I won’t make the same mistake with
    the new one.

    Of course, I also really want to see the new batman flick…