Kaiju Anatomy Lessons

Posted by frankie23


imply fascinating, as the good Mr. Spock might say. Vintage images from a Kaiju art book showing anatomical cutaways of some of our favourite giant monsters. Apparently Godzilla’s flame breath comes from “a “uranium sack” and “nuclear reaction sack” that produce radioactive fire-breath and energize the body.” That’s pretty swift, if you ask me. Mothra and Anguirus are tucked below the cut. Follow the link to the originator for more, including Gamera!

Kaiju Anatomy: Internal Organs that Allow Giant Monsters to Breathe Fire [io9.com, via Pink Tentacle, via modern_fred]


Mothra’s big weapon is its’ “elongated silk-producing organ.” Heh heh. Elongated organ…


Look, Anguiras has extra brains, just for his legs! Amazing. I mean, he’s still stupid as all hell, but he has extra brains for those stubby little legs of his!


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