PG Porn: Roadside Ass-sistance

Posted by frankie23

Hooray! James Gunn has provided the internet world with another wonderful installment of his breath taking conception, PG Porn. Billed as everything you love about porn, except the sex, this is a follow-up to the first installment, Nailing Your Wife. This time, it’s the director himself acting against a young lady who is, quite possibly, my favourite currently-active porn star, Sasha Grey, who will more than likely become a mainstream film actress in the next few years. Putting her historical significance, and my puppy lust aside, make sure you watch the video the whole way through; you don’t want to miss the punchline.

PG Porn: Roadside Ass-sistance [Spike]


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  1. Ben Says:

    Oh what man will do for kittys…or rather, to kittys :D

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