Sorry, Mom…

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This is both sad and hilarious. An anonyblog for female bad sex survivors, I bang the worst dudes is made of of censor-barred images and brief anecdotes of poor sexual performance by males. The funny comes from the fact that a lot of these tales are dreadfullly droll, and you’re realy sorry that anyone had to go through that. The sad is closely related; it’s absolutely horrible that some of these girls got into the situations described. Take this highlight for example:

This guy would demand oral sex repeatedly and when I finally relented he tried to face-humped me like a rabbit.

Why would you finally give in? Why would you even keep hanging out with the guy? Tolerating his presence indicates to him that his behaviour is acceptable; giving in rewards his for his bothersome persistence. The fact that none of them accept any blame for the badness brings it a bit into the male-bashing perspective, but a bit of misandry is good for the soul, they tell me. Interesting, Firefox recognizes “misogyny”, but not “misandry”. Heh. Funny that.

Anyhow, it’s certainly worth taking your time to scroll through; there’s only eleven pages or so at this point, though I’m sure that’ll grow. I must say I question how many of the photos are genuine, and how many are just some random guy blacked out to the point of being unrecognizable, but they do add a certain pleasing visual style to the whole thing. Just don’t be surprised if some of the stories read more bitter than clever.

I bang the worst dudes (sorry mom) [via the blazing shark]


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  1. Aiko Says:

    You’re right about the bitter. I could analyze away, but instead I want to share! I can personally relate to this story:

    “One day while he was inside of me, he looked me in the eyes and asked, “is this what it’s like to be intimate with someone?” while trying to hold my hand, fingers interlaced. I had to keep myself from laughing in his face.”

    I was once doin’ it with this dude, and he said to me (in the middle of doin’ it, of course): “This is love.” Since we were basically having a one night stand, I lay there shocked, and uncomfotable. I didn’t know what to say, so I said, kind of sarcastically, “Ya think?” I mean, what do you say to that? I couldn’t figure it out, was he really stupid, or was he trying to do that lame “player” bit that good looking dudes like to do in an attempt to convince girls to sleep with them by making them think “this is LOVE” before they run off with their best friend?

    I just wanted to f*ck him, I thought it was clear. I f*cked him one more time for good measure, then he tried to hump my friend (in the pattern of the “player”) so it was decidedly done with, and I didn’t care.

    frankie23 Reply:

    @Aiko, that’s a lovely story, thanks for sharing that. Btw, you’re quite welcome to say fuck. No need to censor yourself. :)

    Aiko Reply:


    Okay. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck!

  2. Catling Says:

    Schaedenfreude goodness for the win, Frankie-love. Though many of these are cringe worthy my general response to these women is akin to yours “ARGH! Whywhywhy? Didja really think this would go well?” Here is a prime example:

    I met this bro when he came in where I work for a meeting shit-hammered, reeking of booze. It somehow still surprised me when he repeatedly broke plans because he was too broke to take public transportation, too drunk to ride his bike over, or had just plain passed the fuck out.

    But hey, I can’t really throw stones from my glass house, eh? Most of us have some stories of stupid sex choices we made along the way… ;)

  3. Catling Says:

    Oh, but it keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

    WHAT. THE. FUCK? 5 minutes after I met this guy he dumped a giant beer on my best friend, called her a “fat bitch” several times and threatened to beat up her boyfriend. He’s covered in these god awful satanic tattoos and when we got to his place he made me watch Sixteen Candles and listen to a bunch of gangsta rap. He slapped me around and choked me the whole time we boned, then he held my hand and walked me to the train in the morning. I’m still confused.

    The true WTF, girlfriend, is why the hell did you go home with this guy? Maybe I’m odd in this respect, but when people start shit with my friends it generally doesn’t feel like foreplay to me. ROFLMAO.

    Why am I still reading this? It’s like a slo-mo car wreck, I can’t look away!