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“It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fishmen”

February 24th, 2009 by frankie23

I hate it when people say they don’t like musicals. Mostly because, especially amongst those I hang out with, they immediately confess to loving The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Of course they do, who doesn’t? Eventually you can then pry out of them that they do in fact like other musicals, such as Little Shop Of Horrors, that one episode of Buffy, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. So, in the spirit of singing something instead of just saying it, I present to you Fishmen, a musical version of the H.P. Lovecraft classic, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, produced by the always amazing H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society. Honestly, I was a little doubtful that they could cram the entirety of the story into one minute and thirty-eight seconds, but by Jove they did, and it’s pretty damn slick. There’s some fine effects work, some disgusting Deep Ones, and a jaunty tune to take you along one man’s voyage of sickening self-discovery. Please, enjoy, and remember, you never quite know where you came from, until you go look!

Why Didn’t Gershwin Do This? [kali921, via warren_ellis]


Twilight Fans Need Serious Help

February 23rd, 2009 by frankie23


Okay, so I’ve seen a lot of weird hand-made fan stuff in my time on this here series of tubes we call the interblag. I’ve also seen a lot of sexy cool stuff too. This, however, this… this shit just creeps me right the fuck out. What kind of batshit crazy mentality do you have to have to make a felt re-creation of Bella’s womb, complete with mutant vampire fetus? Look at that thing! Someone put a lot of time and effort into making it. Look how delicately they’ve formed the creepy little fetus. My gods people. If you could put this kind of drive and industry towards something like, say, curing cancer, we’d all live forever.

Just like your precious little sparkly vampires. Think about that.

You Need Help: Bella’s Womb From Twilight [Geekologie, via Cinematical]

Doctor Who Theme Played With Tesla Coils

February 23rd, 2009 by frankie23

This is probably the coolest thing I’ve seen, or heard, more properly, all month. ArcAttack, a self-proclaimed “high tech musical collaborative”, perform the theme to Doctor Who using a pair of Tesla coils. This performance is from Chattacon 2009, which apparently is a southern sci-fi convention held in January. There’s some random trivia in with your awesome, eh? I’m just astounded I didn’t have a tesla category previous to this…

The Doctor Who Theme Played With Tesla Coils [Topless Robot]

Star Trek: The Kinky Generation

February 19th, 2009 by frankie23


Now, it should come as no surprise to you that many hard-core fetish people are also nerds. It fascinates me sometimes how the interests roll together, like a couple of E’d up ravers on a bed with fluffy blankets. Honestly, I’m amazed something like this hasn’t come to my attention before, but it’s gorgeous. I mean, just look at it! Can’t you just see Dr. Crusher getting off shift to change into something less comfortable and play Number One with Picard? Meee-rowr! It certainly helps that the model is a hottie. Oh, those are some lovely friends she has there…

NERDGASM [PopPornBlog, via Etsy]

PG Porn: Squeal Happy Whores

February 18th, 2009 by frankie23

What a lovely mid-week surprise! With much less time between the last two installments, James Gunn has given us another scintillating installment of PG Porn! This time featuring the most lucious Jenna Haze as the porn star du jour, the twist, while not quite as satisfying personally as the punchline of Roadside Ass-sistance, is still fucking hilarity in a four-minute package. Enjoy!

PG Porn: Squeal Happy Whores [Spike]

Dinosaurs Fucking Robots

February 18th, 2009 by frankie23


Sometimes, I find a site which is just so perfectly aligned towards my interests that I get a little weepy. With a name like Dinosaurs Fucking Robots, I don’t see any need to explain why. I mean, you’re already here, right? Go check it out; it’s a pleasant combination of the amatuerish, the sophisticated, and the genuinely pornographic. So awesome.

Dinosaurs Fucking Robots [via]

Space Time Adventure: Doctor Who!

February 17th, 2009 by frankie23

Such a wonderfully cool thing this is. A fellow named Paul “Otaking” Johnson has, all by himself, done up some footage for an anime-inspired Doctor Who cartoon. Specifically starring the Third Doctor, it shows his dandyness kicking ass with Venusian Aikido and fighting both Daleks and some ridiculously neat looking Cybermen. Please, someone, somewhere, make this a reality!

Doctor Who…the Anime [Topless Robot, via Japanator]

MST3K Presents Death By Bacon

February 4th, 2009 by frankie23


Today in bacon news, we present the story of Mike Nelson, formerly the second-favourite host of beloved late-night movie show Mystery Science Theater 3000, and his ridiculous mission for the month of February. In his own words:

…for the entire month of February, 2009, I, Michael J. Nelson will eat nothing but bacon. Nothing, my friends, but bacon.

Major Mike is a sick, sick man, but I approve of his cause. Let us read farther for his reasoning behind this mad quest…

Why? Because bacon is nature’s finest and most nourishing food. Also, because several doubters on the RiffTrax staff had the unmitigated gall to insult bacon by making the outrageous claim that, as good as it is, no one could eat very much of it and live. I can and will. Therefore I will spend the month proving it.

Bravo, good sir, bra-vo. There’s nothing quite like doing something just to prove to a bunch of assholes on the internet that it can be done. Seriously, it takes a certain combination of chutzpah and balls-out (or vulva-out if you prefer) stubborness to dedicate yourself to a single form of food. He goes on to say he will not be using condiments either, which is astounded, though he does reserve the right to drink it up. Really, who are we to deny such a request?

Man Vows To Eat Only Bacon For A Month [Geekologie, via]

Klingon Konvenience Krimes

February 4th, 2009 by frankie23


I do love the novelty and variety that the modern criminal can provide us with nowadays. From the Colorado News:

Colorado Springs police are looking for a man who hit two 7-Eleven convenience stores early Wednesday, armed with a Klingon sword.

The first robbery was reported at 1:50 a.m., at 145 N Spruce St. The clerk told police a white man in his 20s, wearing a black mask, black jacket, and blue jeans, entered the store with a weapon the clerk recognized from the Star Trek TV series.

The robber demanded money and left with an undisclosed amount.

A half hour later, police received a call from a 7-Eleven at 2407 N. Union Blvd., where a man matching the previous description entered the store with a similar weapon. He also demanded money from the store clerk. The clerk refused and the robber “transported” himself out of the store on foot.

Love it love it love it. Dude robs two 7-11s in the same night with a god-damn bat’leth. How stupid/awesome is that? More importantly, how many people who live in Colorado Springs have one of the damn things? He’ll probably be arrested in his mom’s basement by the weekend.

Masked Man Robs Stores With Klingon Sword []


February 1st, 2009 by frankie23


I’m drunk, and far too amused with myself to post a proper update, so enjoy this article from Modern Drunkard magazine which reinforces my lifestyle choices. Awesome.

10 Best Things About Booze [Modern Drunkard]