R2-D2: What He Really Said

Posted by frankie23

This is lots of fun. Taking all the scenes with R2-D2 from the excreble Star Wars: Episode One, a fellow by the name of MeanestBear has managed to wring some amusement from the biggest disappointment of 1999. As a bonus, you can also remind yourself of how gaddamn fucking annoying Jar Jar was, and roll your eyes at young Anakin’s “piloting” skills. Fun for the whole family!

VOTD: R2-D2 Subtitled [/film, via DailyWhat]


One Response to “R2-D2: What He Really Said”

  1. Jenn Dolari Says:

    One of the things I had R2 doing in Star Wars was basicaly jsut saying “Fag!” every time he chirped. Made sense with most of his scenes with 3PO. ;)