Star Wars ?Toy Teaches Kids To Kill

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Okay, maybe not technically, but I can’t tell if this thing is creepy or cool. The Star Wars-branded The Force Trainer uses an EEG reading headband to allow you to float a plastic ball up a ten-inch tube, so as to appear analogous to Luke’s training sessions on Dagobah. The technology, formerly used in fancy military experiments and physiotherapy devices, seems to be spreading out into children’s toys.

It’s funny how often former military tech is applied to stuff for kids.Or do I mean disturbing? Yeah, that’s the one.

Star Wars Force Trainer teaches children to kill… with their minds [Engadget via USA Today]


One Response to “Star Wars ?Toy Teaches Kids To Kill”

  1. Veleda Says:

    This is awesome.

    I will buy it the second it comes out.