Put The Cephalapod In The Coconut, Close It All Up…

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For years, it has been thought that Man alone (and okay, maybe a few birds/simians/mammals) used tools. Essentially though, creatures with spines. Alas, tentacled doom has revealed itself anew with the news that a certain species of octopus has been found to carry around halved coconut shells which it then uses as body armour when it feels threatened. From New Scientist:

When the octopuses come across these on the seabed, they drape their bodies over and around the shells, hollow-side up, leaving their eight arms dangling over the edges.

The octopuses then lift the shells by making their arms rigid, before tiptoeing away in a manoeuvre Finn calls stilt-walking.

When the octopuses feel threatened, they flip the half shells over themselves and hide. Some even use two shells to create a more spacious shelter with an opening through which they can keep a lookout.

Well, you know what this means. First, they build protection, then the weapons. Next thing you know, Ol’ Uncle Cthulhu has an army where every soldier has us at a two-to-one limb disadvantage. I dunno about you, but I’m going to go source some octopus-spray…

Octopus Uses Coconut Shells as Portable Armor [io9.com, via New Scientist]


3 Responses to “Put The Cephalapod In The Coconut, Close It All Up…”

  1. Julie Says:

    your comments reminded me of Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters

  2. IanBob Says:

    octopus spray?

  3. Bangbang_baby Says:

    or a very large nutcracker..WHO WANTS SOME CRAB LEGS!!!??