Bacon AT-AT!

Posted by frankie23

Oh god, they’ve finally managed to combine bacon and Star Wars. Look how huge that thing is! It contains over forty pounds of bacon! The singularity is nigh! Everybody panic!

Mmmm… baaaaaacon.

The Bacon AT-AT: ‘Star Wars’ And Pork, Together At Last [Huffington Post]


2 Responses to “Bacon AT-AT!”

  1. Sai Says:

    Wow. A lot of pigs suffered and died for this.

    What a waste of precious life.

    frankie23 Reply:

    A lot, in this case, would be approximately four, based on bacon yield per hog. Of course, there would’ve been other chops taken off of the animals. That’s the death. Suffering, on the other hand, is hard to quantify, but considering modern meat farming techniques, it’s highly likely.

    Of course, I’m pretty sure they would’ve eatne all the bacon after. Bacon fans are insane.