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X-Ray Awesome

September 14th, 2008 by frankie23


Is that… semen? I think that’s supposed to be an x-ray of semen, yeah. Anyhow, I found this awesome site; a photographer by the name of Nick Veasey takes x-rays of atypical stuff. There’s some very creepy shots of a baby doll, some awesome animal x-rays, and the coolest of all is the insect images. Exo-skeletons make for some very interesting x-ray results. YOu really should go check this out.

Oh, if you’re wondering why, if the insects are so cool, I used the image I did, wel, I’m not going to tell you why. I have a good reason though. Trust me.

Nick Veasy – X-Ray Photographer


Meguro Parasitological Museum

October 10th, 2007 by frankie23

Try to think about parasites without a feeling of fear, and take the time to learn about their wonderful world of the Parasites

Such is the mission statement of sorts from the official website of the Meguro Parasitological Museum. A small little institute based in Tokyo, the museum boasts over 45,000 specimens, each beautifully encapsulated and mounted for display. They claim to be the only parasitological museum in the wold, and I’d be very surprised to find out otherwise. Admission is free, which would probably partially account for the fact that it is apparently a rather popular date spot; I can only think of a few ladies that I would take to such a place, but I’m quite certain they’d all love it terribly.


I’m absolutely fascinated; this is definitely going on the list of “Things To Do” when I make it to Tokyo, and I suspect it’ll place highly in my treasured memories. I love me some parasites, oh yeah.

Meguro Parasitological Museum [Coilhouse]

Giant Isopod (Great Big Bug)

September 6th, 2007 by frankie23


Woweee. After seeing this big fucker, I’m never, eeeever stepping on a pillbug again, in fear that their giant brethren will scuttle up from the sea and strike me dead. Like, seriously, that’s creepy. Reminds me of this nightmare I had as a child, of giant armoured creatures clawing at the blinds of my bedroom. Ick.

Deep-Sea Giant Isopod from Coda’s Flickrstream, via bioephemera