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An Evil Prank

May 26th, 2010 by frankie23

Man, Venezualan prank TV is hard core! This actress apparently has a very deep-seated belief in ghosts, so prank show ¡Qué Locura! (What Madness!) decided to try to give her a nervous breakdown. I love it!

اقوى كاميرا خفية بالعالم روعه [YouTube]


The Haunting Of Ms. Pac-Man

March 11th, 2008 by frankie23

Of all the video game machines to be haunted, having a Ms. Pac-Man machine be infested by a spectre seems the most ironic. On the Boston Craigslist site, an ad was found for a free Ms. Pac-Man standup arcade machine. A member of the forum e-mailed the poster, asking about the machine, and why it was free. He received the following response:

“When I bought this machine the previous owner told me it was haunted. I laughed, didn’t believe him, because I didn’t believe in that sort of thing.

Got a bad feeling the day it was delivered. Game started on its own in the middle of the night several times, had a tech service the machine three times (very pricy housecalls), but he couldn’t find the problem.

Three-year old daughter started talking about the “man in the video machine”, didn’t think much of it, then my wife saw a dark figure move across the basement and into the machine. She ran out of the house, would not return until the machine was out of the house. I moved it to my business garage (two miles away), and several times I have opened the garage to find tools missing or scattered, things tipped over.

This is why I am giving away a $1000 machine for free.”

That’s some spooky dealings right there, I tell ya. Personally I’d love to have a haunted arcade machine, and if I was anywhere near the Boston area I’d be on this like flies on a corpse. Alas, it is not to be. If you’re in the area and interested though, here’s the listing. Please be sure to report back with the results, yes?

Oddities: The Haunted Ms. Pac Man [Kotaku, via]