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Does this mean the 80s are finally done?

February 13th, 2012 by frankie23

R.I.P. Whitney


When Justin Met John

December 7th, 2010 by frankie23

When Justin Met John

Justin Bieber, meet John Waters. I’m certain you two will get along.

Here is John Waters Giving Justin Bieber a “Reach Around.” That is All. [The Stranger]

Kari Farrell, The Hipster Grifter

June 16th, 2009 by frankie23


Geez, I’ve been neglecting my pretty little blog, haven’t I? Ah well, I’ve got some gems stored up for y’all, and we’re going to start with this amusing little tale.

Back in March, this cute little Korean girl walked into Vice Magazine, all tattoos and smiles, to interview for a job. She said she used to work for a ticket company, was big into music and the scene, and charmed the pants off of her interviewer. They hired her on the spot. A few days later, one of her co-workers decided to Google her, and suddenly the new hire was revealed as a serial scammer of amusingly grand proportions

Wanted in Utah for floating bad cheques, Kari moved to NYC, great state of opportunity, to continue her grifting ways. Her marks were stupid boys who reacted positively towards her aggressive sexual advances; she’d control them with sob stories of cancer and pregnancy scares, bilk them for a few grand and then vamoose when they either got wise or fed up. Here’s a typical quote:

Bobby told some friends of his the whole story and they seemed incredulous, so he Googled her and found the wanted poster. “After I realized the whole thing was bullshit, she continued to send me texts,” he said “She texted me on Christmas to tell me that she loved me. As soon as I realized who she really was, I stopped contacting her.”

Okay, so, you figured out that she was a wanted criminal, and just started to ignore her? Dude, two words: Reward Money. I’m sure someone down in Utah would’ve been happy to offer a little cash bonus for bringing in one of their most wanted. But no, Robert decided to just shun Kari, letting her continue on her string of scams and skips. The article mentions several people doing this, and I’m just appalled. Where’s the social responsibility? Heck, where’s the urge to profit? Kids these days have no business sense. Anyhow, as I’m reading, one thing sticks out to me. While I admire Miss Farrell’s anti-social tendencies, she keeps on making on giant fucking mistake. Can you guess what it is? Bobby finally wised up…

“What I find so strange is that she uses her real name,” Bobby, the 23-year-old Rutgers student, said. “I was thinking she’s just a really good liar. She goes after people who are very trusting, and exploits that. She really had me going—my first instinct is not to Google someone when I meet them.”

For some god-forsaken reason, Kari keeps using her real name! For such a smart, charismatic young lady, a mistake of this magnitude is rather shocking. I can only presume that her repeated string of successes has made her cocky, but it won’t last forever. Considering she got busted a month ago in Philadelphia, it may already be over for her. Kari, if you ever read this, please, start using some aliases; you’re far too easy to find on Google as it stands.

Oh, and Bobby? Maybe you should make it your first priority to Google people you meet. It’ll be a lot safer in the future for you, I’m sure.

The Hipster Grifter [The Observer]