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Gloria Swanson Wears Monkey

January 29th, 2009 by frankie23


I think the title is rather self-explanatory. The good folk at Ectoplasmosis seem undecided as to whether or not this long-furred coat is made of monkey pelts. While the idea of skinning anthropoids for clothing is generally regarded as horrible in the Occidental countries nowadays, back in the decadent 20s I’m sure it was probably considered quite daringly fashionable. I personally like to believe that Ms. Swanson actually hunted down each and every monkey herself, wielding a handmade bow and wearing very little in the way of protective clothing. It really makes for quite the fetching mental image.

Monkey Fur [Ectoplasmosis, via vintagephoto]


Monkey Drummer

February 5th, 2008 by frankie23

Wow. This is some neat effect work. Monkey drummer, yeah!

It’s a little too early in the morning for clever dialogue. Bugger off, or give me whiskey.

Monkey Drummer [YouTube]