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My Reagent, Let Me Show You It

December 3rd, 2007 by frankie23


In this dark time, when cats walk the internet speaking like Ritalin-deprived twelve year-olds, the madness of LolSpeak cannot be avoided. It infests our cupboards, our cup-o-noodles, even our cupolas. Now, it has even infiltrated dread R’lyeh. And it’s hilarious.

My Reagent, Let Me Show You It [LOLTHULHU, via Qelqoth]


The Automaton Harpist

October 10th, 2007 by frankie23

Beuatiful. Haunting. Creepy as fuck. All these terms can be used to describe this nightmarish little bit of clockwork. Her vacant, yet active, dollface looks around the room as she plucks away at her invisible harp. Her bady is old, broken; the holes are visible, and one wonders how this marvel has stayed intact for so long. How old is she? Where did she come from? Her enigmatic, slack-jawed stare provides no answers. Luckily, YouTube does. Made by Gustave Vichy, she was born in Paris in 1880. Truly haunting, truly wonderous.

Automaton Harpist by Vichy [Bruce Sterling, via Ectoplasmosis]

Imagine: The Propagation Of Female Gaming Stereotypes

August 18th, 2007 by frankie23

Imagine: Happy Cooking

You know, I’ve seen some pretty offensive “girl-oriented” titles before. Not that they were offensive in their theme, per se, but in the fact that a) they made assumptions about what girls wanted, as opposed to “all those boy games”, and b) offensive in how badly produced they were. I will admit to having had some twisted fun with Mary Kate & Ashley: Winner’s Circle, but I digress. These new DS titles from Ubisoft are, however, the most blatantly sexist, derogatory things I’ve ever come across. Aside from the above, they also feature such innovative, sterotype-busting titles as Imagine: Babies, and Imagine: Fashion Designer. Look, I know that more girls are buying the DS than ever before, but that’s because they like the games that are currently available for it! They don’t need this pandering, Victorian-mentality crap shoved down their throats. I’m aghast that stuff like this is even considered to be appropriate in the twenty-first century. Go to the original article at Kotaku to see some of their suggestions for further titles in this series, which includes our article’s title.

Ubisoft Puts Women In Their Place [Kotaku]

The Antikamnia Medical Company

July 23rd, 2007 by frankie23


In the 1890’s, the Antikamnia (opposed to pain) Medical Company used a series of amusing skeletal cartoons to advertise their wares. These cartoons were drawn by Louis Crucius, a pharmacist, doctor, and Professor of Anatomy, who started drawing them while working at a pharmacy in his school years. The AntiKamnia company produced medicines containing acetanilid, an anti-fever drug with pain relieving properties. It was later found to be both toxic and addictive. Apparently it was often mixed with codeine, to increase it’s pain-relieving effects. Nothing keeps your customers like making your medicines physically addictive! Anyhow, they used Dr. Crucius’ little skele-men in calendars from 1897 through 1901. The fellow pictured above is my favourite so far; I love the way the officer is stroking his goatee. If you like the style (and how could you not?) BibliOdyssey has many more, as well as a more detailed history, and links for further reading.

The Antikamnia Chemical Company [BibliOdyssey]

Barbie in Wonderland

July 20th, 2007 by frankie23

Barbie as Alice

Now, this is just freaky. From Alice, of the wonderful Wonderland blog, we get this Alice in Wonderland doll, by way of Barbie. Look at those eyes, halfway between a traditional Barbie and the over-exaggerated, anime-y Bratz dolls. I do like the dress though, that Gothic Lolita retro-Victorian feel. As Alice says, very harajuku. I think the Cheshire Cat is staring up her camisole though. Now, you ask yourself, we have Barbie, what about Ken? Yes, my child… What about Ken?

Ken as the Mad Hatter

Apparently, “Ken” is now an old woman with a taste for overtly large head wear. Really kids, what the hell is going on here? Barbie is an interesting, if unexpected, blending of the imagery of both universes. This, this is just bizarre. I can’t stop staring at his freakish, old woman face, the sad, world-weary gaze of longing. This Ken knows he’s not getting any tail any time soon, unless it’s cottontail, and he’s just not happy about it. Apparently, they’re bringing out a Red Queen as well; I’m crossing my fingers for Skipper.

Barbie Alice in Wonderland set, via Wonderland

Steampunk LCD monitor

July 17th, 2007 by frankie23

Steampunk Monitor Mod

This… this is just a thing of beauty. I mean, its a steampunk LCD monitor. What more does one have to say? Now that I’ve seen this, all I can do is stare at my boring, run-of-the-mill PC screen with nothing but disdain. Seriously, it’s that fucking cool. I won’t even get into the fact that the creator has a matching keyboard; my heart just can’t take the lust.

Steampunk LCD Monitor at Steampunk Workshop

Victorian slap fight!

July 17th, 2007 by frankie23

Rose & Camellia

I think the kids at Kotaku hit the nail on the head with their description: Greatest Game Ever Made. Rose & Camellia is a Japanese flash game set in a household in the Victorian era. You play a common-born girl who has married into a noble family. Unfortunately, your husband dies the very next day (what a wedding night!), and your evil bitch in-laws want to cut you out of the party. The only solution? Slap them till they break! I’m trying this on my Wii as soon as I get home…

Rose & Camellia, by way of Kotaku and Selectbutton